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Vegetarian or Not Vegetarian That is The Question!

vegetarian diet, vegetarian, healthy diet, yogic diet, yoga As a serious yoga practitioner you really want to extract the real benefits of Yoga you have to adopt a vegetarian diet. Not only are fish and meat specifically listed amongst the “food injurious to the yoga” by the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (I, 59), but eating the flesh of dead animals violates the first principle of yogic ethics (yamas) as laid down by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, that of non- violence (ahimsa).

Jesus said: You shall not kill. He didn’t said you shall not kill people! It’s about every living being. Get is: did you know that meat is extremely difficult to digest. The meat stays in your digest tract so long that provoke putrefaction and ultimately lead to diseases. Besides the fear of death permeate every cell the body of an animal when it is slaughtered, and therefore, when you eat meat it you will have fear of death also, which is nothing else but born form ignorance and not knowing your true nature.

The traditional yogic diet is lacto-vegetarian (organic milk products) and avoids eggs as well as all animal flesh (including fish!). Indeed modern research has shown that vegetarians are generally in better health than meat eaters. Proteins that can be obtain from nuts, dairy products and legumes are generally of a better quality than meat.


Good News for Vegi eaters. That’s me too LOL…

Statistically, compared to meat eaters, vegetarians have a much lower incidence of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and cancer; their resistance to disease is higher; and they are less likely to suffer from obesity than meat-eaters. Some studies show that a balanced vegetarian diet is extremely healthy, and provides all protein, minerals and other nutrients that the body requires. We can take protein from the plant world, just as well as other herbivorous animals. In fact, nuts, dairy products, spirulina, and legumes all supply high-class protein. And it has been proven that some nuts have much higher and better quality of protein than meat.

Sad truth for meat lovers baby!

Fear of protein deficiency is the meat-eater’s main objection to a vegetarian diet. Westerners are obsessed with protein believing that they need far more than they actually do. Meat eaters obtain the worst quality of protein from their food – protein that is dead or dying. Animal protein contains too much uric acid to be broken down by the liver; some are eliminated, but the rest is deposited in the joints, causing stiffness and eventually leading to problems such as arthritis. Get spirulina for example it has 60% of protein for 100grams. Chicken which is considered as high protein meat has only miserable 21grams per 100! Damn ruthless meat industry they will make everything possible to stuff you with crap so they can make more money crushing your health. And I still can not understand why some people don’t listen. But that’s the way it is. Some will get health and happiness while others expensive health insurance.

Joy to You!

Michael DeLara

Yoga teacher
Ayurveda practitioner
(And happy vegetarian)

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Michael DeLara