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Milk, Pus and Other Nasty Stuff for Babies.

Harsh title right, well its better that way otherwise people are so busy with material life that sometimes  they don’t care even about their own health and of their children.

Anyway, I’ve just heard some really exciting news…

… because people are getting sick from processed cow’s milk which causes allergic reactions in so many babies (and adults), Thailand scientist Dr. Pipop
has spent the last 10 years working on an alternative.

Are you ready? Are you excited?

Drum roll please…. it’s chicken’s milk! Yummy! But before you start envisioning lactating chickens, let me be clear: this is even more disgusting than in sounds!

Basically, Dr. Pipop takes chicken meat and grinds it into a thick yellowish paste that is stored in tins. Yaikes! Parents  then buy the tin and dilute the chicken paste with water and feed it to their babies in bottles. Think canned dog food–but white!  And the benefits?

Well, biside the disgusting and the harmful part of the chemicals and the old processed meat inside, chicken allergies are rare, so I guess that’s a plus.

Never mind that ground chicken meat, nutritionally speaking, is NOTHING like mother’s milk. It IS high in protein and low
in carbs, and it’s never to early to start a kid on a high  protein diet (joking)!

It’s hard for me to believe this is real, but it is.

After melamine (a type of plastic) was found in thousands of baby foods (and after at least  2 dozen babies died because of it), people have been scared to buy processed baby foods. And you should too!

I know for a certain, I’m not drinking chicken milk or feeding it to my kid anytime soon.

Please do not buy these kind of foods if you want you or your kid to continue be healthy and happy.

Some people can drink milk and eat cheese all day  long and bear the acne, mucus, gas, and allergies from dairy. Believe me I don’t! Unless you look after a Cow in your house, feed it with organic and natural foods and treat it as very nice (as it should be with all animals) and then get your own organic fresh milk from it, the very best alternative to dairy is sesame, one of the richest sources of bio available calcium on the planet.

sesame milk  Sesame milk is very easy to make, very nutritious, and it’s delicious.






Here’s a quick recipe:

4 cups filtered water
1 cup raw sesame seeds
1 Tbls. Natural sweetener (Stevia or honey)
1 Tbls. Cold-pressed coconut oil

Blend on high for 2 minutes. Run blended mixture
through a cheesecloth to remove pulp. Chill and serve.

Joy to You!


Michael DeLara

Healing Cancer Story

The following blog post has been taken from Expanding Light Healing Prayers at

Healing Cancer Story

August 10, 2011 — marykretzmann

We have a special team of people who volunteer to teach evening healing prayer classes here at Ananda’s Expanding Light retreat.   Sophia H. has a lot of experience with the healing prayers, and recently shared this story with me.

Last summer, a woman from Kentucky was visiting the Expanding Light, and she attended my evening prayer class.  She asked for prayers for her father who was very ill with cancerous tumors in the brain.  We prayed for him, and after class I suggested that she get a small group of friends to join with her in the healing prayers for him, once she got home. I just saw her again on her return visit here,  and she gave me an update.

She said, “I formed a small prayer group for my father,  and about a month later it was time for his check-up with the oncologist. The doctor compassionately asked my father  how he was feeling, since previously he had been having many headaches and troubles with his vision, etc.  My father replied, ‘I am feeling great! Wonderful, in fact! My headaches are gone and my vision is better, too!’  – Well, this surprised the doctor, of course, so he ordered a new MRI, which showed that all of the tumors we  now completely GONE!”

Do you have any family or friends who are facing serious challenges in body, mind or soul?  If so, I suggest that you create a small, informal healing group, just as the woman did in this story.   You could agree to meet for a month or two and see if it does some good for the person.  If so – keep it up.  Sometimes healing is gradual and sometimes it is instantaneous – but all prayer is helpful.

“..Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them...”  Matthew 18:19-20

Share this video with your group.  You could watch it together, and then practice the prayer.   They can pray in their own way, as well.   (If your family members are spread across the country, you could send them the link to this page. You could possibly do a group prayer session using skype, or a similar group phone call.)