Just Keep Calling Him!…

Divine Mother, Healing energy, God Calling and praying fervently to Divine Mother WILL succeed for you.  Divine Mother reaches down to   pull us up – when we raise ourselves a little bit closer to her.  (Divine Mother, Heavenly Father – whatever vision of God works for you.)

 Ananda has a song we all love called “Keep Calling Him“, from a Paramhansa Yogananda poem. The words include “even when there’s no reply, keep calling Him.” God’s time is not our time. Whatever Divine Mother brings us is what we need. Our challenge and opportunity is how will we accept what comes. Pray to Divine Mother to know Her will, to accept what She sends, to ask to be a channel for Her light and love.

Have faith that God knows better than we do what is best for us. What is best may not, in this life, include bodily health, or wealth, or whatever else we want.  We are here to work through our karma so we can move closer to God.  Faith is trusting in God regardless of circumstances.


May you be a channel for Divine Mother’s light.
Michael DeLara

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