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Sri Dharma Mittra Explaining Basic Yoga Postures For Beginners

Sri Dharma Mittra is a Yoga teacher, and a student of Sri Swami Kailashananda Maharaj. Best known for creating the Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures, his “influence on the yoga world extends far beyond the nearly 50,000 copies of that poster that have been printed since Mittra completed the laborious project in 1983. He has been teaching since 1967, and is director of the Dharma Yoga Cent er in New York City.



How to Overcome Lust?

how to overcome lust, ravana, rama How to conquer this all-devouring sinful enemy-Lust?

There is a method … And it a sure 100% method. And the Supreme Lord
showed us the method in a wonderful way. He sent to this world, lust
personified Ravana. Ravana was the most striking emblem of lust in the
history of all creation.

Sita Devi is the wife of Ram. Sita is none other than an expansion of
Lakshmi Devi, the goddess of fortune. All the fortune of the world is
the energy of Sita. What is fortune .. Fortune does not simply mean
money. Fortune means anything good. Fortune means good health,
popularity, comforts in life, good friendship, good family, etc.

Fortune means anything good in this world and to loose anything good
is misfortune. Lakshmi devi appeared as Goddess Sita. And everyone
knows Sita is exclusively meant for Rama. What is the definition of
love? Love means to assist Sita in Her affair with Ram. Is that not
what Hanuman, Sugriva, Lakshman, and the residents of Ayodhya did? The
only desire of the residents of Ayodhya was to see Ram and Sita happy.

But Ravana, he wanted to take Sita for himself. That is called kama or
lust. In Caitanya Caritamrita, Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami describes -
love is that natural inclination of the soul to want to give pleasure
to God. But when the natural affection for God is misplaced, in trying
to enjoy the property of God for our own selfish desire, then that
love is transformed into lust. Love and lust is the same energy; same
inclination within us. Prema is when that energy is placed toward God.
When it is placed anywhere else, it is called Kama or lust.

So Ravana was very tricky. He disguised himself and stole Sita. And of
course we read from the Ramayan of Valmiki muni, how Lord Ram and His
brother Lakshman looking for Goddess Sita made alliances with Sugriva
and Hanuman and together with a great army, They attacked the island
of Sri Lanka. And Ravana was so powerful that no one could defeat him.
With Ravana, Indrajit, Kumbhakarna and the other Rakshasas; even the
demi gods were totally robbed of any pride and were living in utter
fear. They were totally unconquerable by any jivatma.

Ravana was the symbol of Kama. And know that any desire you have to
enjoy separate from the Lord is due to the presence of Ravana in your
heart. Lord Sri Ramachandra wanted to really show to the world, how
powerful Ravana was, how powerful lust really is. Every time he cut
off the heads of Ravana, another one grew. Doesn’t that sound like our
own material desires? Every time you do some yajna, sacrifice, puja
and you give up one material sinful desire and immediately another
head grows. And you perform penances, practice yoga, take vows, to
give up this lusty propensity in your heart and finally you conquer it
… and then … another head grows. Those who are on the spiritual path,
know that as soon as you cut down one head, 10 more grows. It is an
endless battle. Finally Rama shot His arrow into Ravana’s heart. When
the arrow pierced the heart, Ravana fell to the ground.

Rama is the only one who has this arrow. That arrow cannot be obtained
by any mortal, any jiva, any living entity. It is the exclusive power
of Ram. That is why Lord Krsna says in the Gita, this material energy
is very very difficult to overcome. But one who surrenders unto Me I
take the war in My own hands. I will conquer lust. I will conquer
Ravana within your heart. For me it is not difficult. I will kill all
the demons in your heart with My arrows. When we surrender to the
Lord, Ram appears within our heart. When we remember Krishna, when we
remember Lord Ramchandra ji, He is non-different from that

The process of Bhakti is to always remember the Lord, to be His
devotee, to always worship Him and to offer homage unto Him. Through
this process Ram appears within our heart and with His mighty arrows,
he shoots right into the heart of Ravana and all his heads and
everything else falls and disappears from our life eternally.

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